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   At the Y, we believe swimming is fun and an essential part of healthy living and that every child should have the opportunity how to be safe around water! Above all, our pool is a safe place to build confidence and self esteem in the water as well as on land as they carry their new skills over to everyday choices.

   We want to provide you with the best quality programming, which is why our programs are based on the swim instruction model approved by the National YMCA. The Y has been a leader in teaching the lifelong skill of swimming since 1938, when the program was first developed. The course has been developed to begin teaching people how to swim starting as young as 6 months old. Each class is taught by certified YMCA Swim Lesson Instructors and, at times, some classes will also have an instructor trainee who is working towards certification. The trainee may teach a specific skill and, once ready, will also teach the entire class while under the supervision of the lead instructor. 

   Each of our levels and sessions are designed to be a progressive step for your swimmer. At the end of each session, swimmers will receive a progress report and learn how they are doing with each skill the current level focuses on. Everyone learns at a different pace and it is not uncommon for the swimmer to spend 2 or more sessions in the same level. In fact, our year round program is designed for swimmers ages 3 years and older to spend the majority of the year in the same level. This is critical to ensure that the skills acquired in each level can be built upon in the next. 

If you have any questions about our many Aquatics Programs, please feel free to call the Y or email us at 

Swim Starters

Swim Starters (Stages A & B) introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment through games and songs

Swim Basics

Swim Basics (Stages 1 – 3) teaches basic self-rescue skills and comfort with underwater exploration

Swim Strokes

Swim Strokes (Stages 4 – 6) builds stroke technique and fosters a lifetime of physical activity.


The Piscataquis Regional YMCA Private Lessons are for children and adults who are looking for special attention and instruction in a one-on-one setting. Instructors can teach you how to swim or dive, help you perfect your technique, or help you train for an event like a sprint triathlon. Classes are purchased in four 30-minute class bundles and are modified to meet the goals and abilities of the participants. Requests are filled on a first come, first served basis and may take up to two weeks to schedule due to pool and instructor availability.

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