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FREE to members. You meet for 30 mins with our staff and we'll introduce you to our equipment!

   Do you want to stay YOUNG longer? The best time to ask how to do that is before we start to fall apart; the next best time is NOW! Some people are born with better genes and/or gene expression and just age well, but science shows that nutrition, sunlight, physical activity, sleep quality and thinking patterns powerfully affect our state of health and fitness. In addition,  supplements abound today that can compensate for most of the functional decline that results from aging.


   As seniors, it is important to maintain balance of strength, coordination and problem solving. All of this can be achieved with our classes or Fitness Center! Studies continue to show resistance training and low impact activities promote bone health and growth, (reducing chance of broke bones) and strengthening our muscles allows them to maintain elasticity, reducing tightness and stiffness. At the PR YMCA we offer all you need to achieve good overall physical health as well as social interaction to help with mental health!


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