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We welcome you back!

We have deep cleaned our facility over the 5 days we closed the facility. We apologize for the confusion initially and we assure you we have not been contacted by the Maine CDC regarding contact tracing of a positive individual in our facility. We have reached out to the Maine CDC ourselves to determine what is expected of us if a positive individual does expose our facility, and our 5 days we closed was more than they actually recommended.

We continue to emphasize our priority of member, staff and community safety during these rapidly developing times. We are implementing immediately that our staff wear masks while in the facility where members frequent. We will continue to encourage members to wear masks while in our facility and promote increased hand washing to reduce any potential spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

As stated by our CEO Mandy Adams, 'this will likely not be the last time we close for 5 days to deep clean."

As our youth return to school, and after school activities, including our After School Programs start again, it is likely we will close again as positive cases are discovered, and exposure is a possibly in our facility. We will continue to clean many times a day, every day and encourage safe social distancing as well as face coverings. We are doing our best to do our part to keep the numbers in our community to a minimal.

We thank EVERYONE who contacted us while the building was closed and for their patience. We do not wish to take potential exposures lightly and we understand the magnitude of each of us fearing quarantine and exposing our loved ones. We will continue to inform our members and community IMMEDIATELY when we see it fit to take precautions and close.

Our staff will do their part by wearing face coverings and we will continue to encourage members to wear their face coverings also.

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