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A Change in Leadership

Dear PRYMCA Community:

The past 8 months have been an increasingly difficult time for our YMCA, as it has been for YMCA’s across the nation.  As such, the PRYMCA Board has decided to make some changes to help guide us through the challenges we will face in the upcoming years.  As a result of this change, Mandy Adams will no longer be our Chief Executive Officer. On behalf of the entire PRYMCA family, I would like to thank Mandy for all her hard work in getting us to where we are today and I wish Mandy the very best in her future endeavors. 

In the next few days, I will be sharing with you our plan to help our YMCA regain its foothold in the community. We feel strongly that we are putting ourselves in the best position to navigate the uncertainty of these trying times .  Change is never easy, but we will get through this with our feet on the ground and our eyes focused on the mission of our organization, which is to make sure that every family in our community continues to find value, hope and strength through their membership and involvement in our YMCA.

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill free to contact me at 561-7492 or Tim Gallagher at 735-6352.


Michael Sutton

PRYMCA Board Chair

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