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Personal Training

   Teaching the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition is our main focus. Regardless of your skill or fitness level, we believe in the importance of sustaining a strong foundation of the most basic movements, and using that as a platform to build on. We believe that building a solid foundation leads to success. We strive to create an environment that is enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive. We provide consistent guidance to living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.


   We believe in being proactive: improving the mindset, teaching healthy nutrition, creating proper movement that makes each person successful, and implementing recovery techniques to prevent injury.

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​   We strive towards up to date training methods and fitness equipment to keep exercise fun and interesting. Our main focus is dedicated to functional training, making a connection between exercise and everyday living. We believe everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle and we work diligently to accommodate any fitness level or any individual challenges a person may face.

  Personal Training is a great way for you to kick start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you need help losing weight, strengthening and toning, are looking for a change from your regular workout routine, or have a race to prepare for, like a Triathlon or Tough Mudder Challenge, our Certified Personal Trainers are here to help you get started and stay motivated.

   We offer a variety of packages and training styles for you to choose from and each are available in both our Individual and Group Training Packages (up to 4 people)

All participants must fill out a Health Information Form prior to any Personal Training Services.

Our staff are certified Personal Trainers and not educated nor qualified to diagnose or treat medical diagnoses. Our Personal Trainers are educated in anatomy and how to lengthen muscles with stretching, strengthen muscles with resistance training, improving cardiovascular endurance with cardio exercises along with some basic and advanced nutritional guidance.

If you are suffering from an injury or ailment, please contact a physician.

With written guidance and approval, our Personal Trainers may work with your medical diagnosis, but only with

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