REMINDER: Our classes have changed slightly to accommodate 
the most recent guidelines from the Maine Governor's Office. Please check our schedule for the most recent class options. 

Static Stretch: 30 mins (Thursday’s at 9:00am) Group Ex

   Static Stretch is a technique used by holding stretches to lengthen muscles. In this class we will do a total body stretch that will not only leave you feeling relaxed but also increase your flexibility. This class is ideal for those that want to increase flexibility. It is best to come into the class with warm muscles ready to stretch.

Boot Camp: 45 mins (Tuesday's at 5:15AM) Group Ex

    Boot Camp is an interval style workout with numerous stations for alternating muscle group focus. It is a personal pace style workout of 30 sec-1min intervals with short breaks between each exercise. Equipment consists of body weight, step, dumbbells, weight bar, exercise mat, and more. All activities can be modified for different levels of fitness. It is a great HIIT fitness class that leaves you feeling accomplished.

Tai Chi: 1 hour (Wednesday’s and Friday’s 12pm-1pm) Group Ex

       Tai Chi is a low impact total body workout involving slow, controlled movements through full range of motion with deep breathing. Tai Chi utilized weight transfers to improve balance and prevent falls. Chairs are available and make this class great for all fitness and mobility levels.


Yoga: 1 hour (Wednesday’s 7:30am) Court 2

  Learn breathing techniques, body positions and relaxation through meditation to keep you centered and balance. All levels welcome, yoga mats and other equipment available.

Guts, Guns & Buns: 45 mins (Wednesday's at 8:30am) Group Ex

   Guts, Guns & Buns is appropriate for all Fitness Levels. It consists of stretching, cardio, resistance exercises, static and dynamic activities along with agility. It is instructor driven but all exercises can be modified. This is a great class for muscle group specific workouts that also improve cardio endurance.

Strengthening, Lengthen and Tone: 45 Mins (Friday’s at 9:00am) Group Ex

    This is a slow paced, low impact class consisting of stretching between exercises and incorporate a wide variety of exercises similar to Yoga, Pilates, Piyo, and more. Instrumental music is used to create a calming, relaxing environment while exercising.

Step and More: 45 mins (Tuesday’s at 8:30am) Group Ex

      This class is cardio training that involves step aerobics following by a toning element & finished with some feel stretching to give you a total body workout.

Zumba: 45 mins (Monday’s at 8:30am,Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at

5:30pm) Group Ex & Court 1

      Using Latin, African, & Hindu Music get a great workout while challenging your core. Let the music move you.

Core Plus: 45mins (Wednesday’s at 8:30am) Group Ex

    Health and strength start at the core. This class will help you build a more stable, powerful abdomen and lower back to improve fitness, straighten posture and provide a foundation for an active daily life.

Low HIIT: 45 mins (Wednesday’s at 8:30) Group Ex

   This class is a full body workout using body weight, free weights, resistance bands & weighted bars to shed excess fat, building muscle & increase bone density

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