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Instructor led, this fitness class in the pool will have you working hard while enjoying great company. 

Aquatic Fitness is a great alternate workout setting for all ages. It is very popular for more serious athletes who wish to recover from a competition or game while still exercising their muscles.

Water Resistance

Because the water is a thicker medium than air, by moving in the water, the amount of resistance from the water is more effective than performing the movements against air. Using the resistance of the water in exercise is like exercising with weights or machines on land, but safer.


Individuals with COPD and other lung diseases have benefited considerably from exercises while in the water.  Most of them are extremely thrilled that they can participate throughout the entire water aerobics class without fatiguing or needing an inhaler.  The support of the water allows the individual to get their heart up while helping to sustain a good oxygen saturation in the bloodstream.


In chest-deep water, approximately 80% of your body weight is buoyant. Therefore, you really are bearing only 20% of your weight when you exercise. Exercise in the water is much safer, and your joints and muscles are essentially stress-free.

Water Temperature

The water temperature is the same all year long. You do not need to contend with the variability of the elements; heat, cold, rain, snow, wind, etc.

Cooling Effect

Because of your constant movement in the water, cool water is continually moving around you, cooling you while you are exercising. You never feel overheated and sweaty.

Massaging Effect

The hydrostatic pressure of the water on your body, joints, muscles and internal organs, massages, and comforts all parts of your body while you exercise. You never feel fatigued.


AM AQUACISE -  This low impact class is sure to get you moving and stretching with warm water exercises while utilizing pool equipment such as pool noodles, kickboards and pool weights. The instructor is valuable for those wishing for some guidance on technique to achieve the maximum benefit of each exercise and stretch while the great group of participants will always make you feel welcome and push you to push yourself! 


More Classes Coming Soon!

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